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Tips on getting the ‘Showhome Look’


Tip #1: The key is to make a room look spacious


When we design a showhome we really take into consideration the space we have to work with. You have to be selective with the furniture you use. It’s best to keep it to a minimum to give a room that clean and clutter free look. With that being said you still need to ensure you have all the essential items in a room otherwise it can make a room unfit for purpose. For example, when designing a bedroom, you need to ensure there is ample storage which could mean that you have to compromise on the size of the bed you go for. Not only will a smaller bed make a room feel more spacious, it will also allow other essential items of furniture to fit in without cluttering the room.

Tip #2: Use mirrors


The use of mirrors can brighten up a room as well as make a room look bigger than it actually is. Mirrors can be used in all rooms in the house, but they are also really effective in hallways where you don’t necessarily have a huge amount of natural light.

Tip #3: Lighting


Lighting can have a huge impact on a room but you have to remember that not all light fittings are appropriate in all rooms. For example, if you have rooms with low ceilings, low hanging pendants are not the best choice. Instead go for a ceiling flush light fitting with several arms to ensure that you are still getting a good amount of light. If you have rooms with high ceilings a celling flush light may not give your room the light you are looking for. Table lamps and floor lamps are also a great accessory to have in rooms. They can be used not only for extra lighting and creating an atmosphere, but to maybe draw attention to a certain feature in your room, for example having a floor lamp hang over a feature chair.

Tip #4: Bedding


When we dress showhomes we like to keep the bedding simple. We go for crisp white bedding. This will work in all bedrooms. Then to ensure that the bedding ties in with the décor of the room we tend to use large throws and cushions which will pick up on the colours of the room.

Tip #5: Don’t forget the bathroom


Simple ideas like having colour co-ordinating hand towels can make a bathroom more luxurious. Hiding away the everyday items such as shampoo bottles and toothbrushes and replacing them with lavish soap bottles and some pot plants can really enhance your bathroom.

Tip #6: Ensure every room has accessories


Accessories make a showhome. They are used in every area of a home from the lounge, dining room and bedrooms to areas people don’t tend to pay much attention to like hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. There are so many different types of accessories you can use to tie a room together. Firstly, you can ensure that in the lounge and bedrooms the window treatments tie in with the cushions and bedding. Also, considering other accessories such as wall art, vases, ornaments, flowers, candles or books can really enhance a room. Ensuring that the accessories are all matching your colour scheme and are consistent throughout the whole house can really give a home that showhome feel.

Tip #7: Purpose


Give all rooms a purpose. Do you have a room full of junk? Transform it by installing useful and streamlined storage. Maybe you could turn it into a study. You only need a small area to put a console table and a chair if a desk would be too big. A room can be completely transformed by simply adding a few items of furniture.

Tip #8: Décor


Keep the décor simple. This doesn’t mean you need to white wash the walls. You could simply add a feature wall for example, in a living room the largest wall expanse could have a beautiful patterned wallpaper or even a textured wallpaper. This can really warm up a room.

Tip #9: A child’s room can still be stylish


When designing a room in a showhome for a child we tend to pick a theme. A couple of examples include animals, cars, dancing or space. In a child’s room you can be a lot bolder with your colour choices. You can have a beautiful feature wall and then have a couple of walls painted in a bright colour. You can also get some great wall stickers to brighten up a room that has neutral walls. Displaying child’s toys and books can really add interest and colour into a bedroom.

Tip #10: Gardens


When designing showhomes we like to ensure that we maximise space, which includes using the garden to its full potential. Whether it is done buy just adding a simple patio set, to some sun loungers or a sofa set. It almost adds another room onto the house.

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