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A Fusion Of Fresh, Luxury Interior Design Trends For Spring
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A Fusion Of Fresh, Luxury Interior Design Trends For Spring

posted in Wallpaper by DFAO on 07:33 Mar 16th, 2015

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This spring sees a celebration of great versatility for trends in all areas in interior design. The main interior design trends from this spring have displayed some great styles which can easily transform all home interiors as well as hotels and even work spaces.

If you want to hear about these modern trends, as well as get an insight into latest styles used for interior design for show homes, then definitely make sure you keep reading! Our experts at DFAO put together a break down on the best trends for spring 2015 to help inspire your interiors.

Interior Trends From Spring

  • Blending Styles Together - A great attitude to take when it comes to decorating interiors this spring is to not be afraid of mixing the old with the new. A modern interior communicates a feel of both a stylish and comfortable living space, with the fusion of interesting features or furnishings too. Interior will look gorgeous this spring with natural curved surfaces against dramatic accent pieces to really create some impact.
  • Pick The Best Materials For You - The materials you choose for an interior space can really make an impact on its overall feel! This spring time it’s all about sourcing materials that have character. Gorgeous grey stone for a kitchen and natural light woods throughout the house are both huge this spring. Why not go out and salvage some wood yourself to get features with real personality for your interior? Mixing these rustic surfaces with those that are smooth in both touch and shape can really help create an interesting balance.
  • Spring 2015 Colour Palettes - This spring we are seeing a lot of organic shades and tones coming through, in areas like interior fabrics and paints. These natural colours help to suggest a calming and peaceful space. If you are after a space that is more vibrant, then simplistic organic colours are the perfect foundation for you to introduce bolder colours as you wish! Colder shades of browns and reds are making a huge statement this spring time too. Mixed together with light pastels and character-filled material furnishing and you are sure to hit this spring 2015 trend perfectly!
  • Retro Influence - The 1970s retro vibes are the main influence in creating a comfortable space in 2015. This trend works for such a wide selection of people, so would be a perfect choice for interior design for show rooms to showcase a space beautifully! Done in the right way you can create an interior which is functional but also exciting with an interesting and fresh spin on a retro style. Incorporates touches of classic 1970’s patterns and hints of retro colours with all your modern furnishings to instantly create a hippie chic interior. You don’t need to cover the room head to toe in carpet and crazy patterns to achieve this trend! Start with a neutral space and think about those elements of this trend that would work for you!

Luxury Interior Design From DFAO

At DFAO we have the expertise to help you make a charming impact through exciting interior design! If you are looking to create you perfect home interiors or if you are looking for professional interior design for show homes, then make sure you get in touch with our professional and creating team at DFAO.

For more information, or if you have any questions about what we can offer you then make sure you contact us today! Email us at or call on 01276 691010.

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