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Affordable Tricks Interior Designers Use To Create Luxurious Looking Spaces
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Affordable Tricks Interior Designers Use To Create Luxurious Looking Spaces

posted in Wallpaper by DFAO on 11:37 Dec 1st, 2014

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Homes can often lack a sense of uniqueness, each one resembling the one next to it, so it's no wonder many look to the interior designers in London for expert advice. Designs For All Occasions has put together several affordable tricks you can use to create a luxurious interior design.

7 Ways To Make Your Property Look More Beautiful

  1. Hardware Finishes – Plain coloured standardised door handles, knobs and other hardware finishes are commonplace in newly purchased homes, as they match all interior decors and can be purchased in bulk by property developers. Sadly however, homeowners often forget about these little touches when updating their decor. But the small unique details really do make a world of difference. The trick is not to purchase any old door knobs, but to find ones you truly love.
  2. Cornices – Also known as crown mouldings, can add charm and sophistication to any lifeless room when installed properly. Without them, rooms can look average.
  3. Lighting – Remember how much more special it felt the last time somebody lit the candle for you when you dined out? Floor lamps and table lamps are a fantastic way of creating a certain mood in the room, whether you're going for a romantic or professional one. Basic ceiling lights, fans and nondescript chandeliers can also be mood breakers. Instead, opt for captivating chandeliers that ooze sophistication.
  4. Pillows – Pillows may not sound very exciting, but we interior designers in London wouldn't be without our luxury pillows; not just to snuggle into either. They're fantastic at adding a burst of colour in any room to brighten it up. However, just like the hardware finishes we mentioned above, cheaply bought pillows when bought in bulk are, well, nothing special, but carefully selected pillow covers with a soft fabric material and design will be. Remember to stuff them well however - deflated pillows look as sad as they make us feel.
  5. Paint – Deciding on what colour of paint to use can be one of the most difficult decor decisions you can make. Crisp light coloured paint in a neutral hue will give a room an instant professional feel, and will also allow for the rotation of different coloured accessories and furnishings. Painting your doors black will also add an expensive vibe, but be sure to balance black doors out with dark coloured accessories or furnishings.
  6. Furniture – Quality furniture can be expensive, but opting for cheaply made furniture can be more expensive in the long run. Upholstering with discounted designer fabric is a brilliant way of achieving a high-end look without spending a fortune.


  7. Good Housekeeping – As the easiest and least expensive way to make your home look more beautiful, good housekeeping should never be underestimated. By dusting, hovering and keeping on top of clutter, you property will stay looking brand new and keep its sparkle.

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