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Bedroom Interior Design Trends For 2015
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Bedroom Interior Design Trends For 2015

posted in Wallpaper by DFAO on 06:45 Apr 7th, 2015

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Make 2015 the year you create the perfect bedroom interior, that’s both on trend and suits you! Our specialists at Designs For All Occasions have put together this year’s top bedroom interior influences to help you create that bedroom sanctuary that you deserve.

For an insight into the top trends for bedroom interiors in 2015 from our expert interior designers in Richmond, keep reading!

Key 2015 Bedroom Interior Trends From Interior Designers In Richmond

  • Antique and rustic style – The element which makes this trend stand out is its great mix of both old and new influences. Shabby chic interiors have become a huge trend in recent years, but now we are seeing a shift in colours and tones used with this style. This year, it’s all about introducing gold and glamorous tones to your bedroom. These warm colours balanced with vintage furnishings and accessories create a romantic environment that’s bang on trend.
  • Be brave. be bold – In 2015, make sure that you are bold with your colour pallet choices! Take inspiration from the pantone colour of the year, marsala. This warm tone has an exotic influence which makes it a fantastic and versatile colour to have in your bedroom. Being bold with your interior choices doesn’t mean you should be buying the brightest colours of the rainbow (or all of them) in paint to cover your bedroom. Going for bold and intense shades will give a luxurious and rich appeal to your interior, whilst not making it overwhelming! Bring these colours into a room and finish off the space with a mixture of paint, furnishing and accessories.
  • Mid- Century appeal – A huge trend for bedroom interiors in 2015 is a strong 50’s and 60’s style influence. Create a classic retro vibe in your bedroom with a variation of themed wallpaper and vintage furnishings. The trick for this trend is to not over clutter a space with too many vintage accessories. Keep it minimal with a retro vibe as you don’t want to feel like you’re walking into a 1950’s museum. You can easily achieve this look in your bedroom by using a blend of both vintage accents and contemporary furnishings.
  • Bring the outside in – If you love spending time in the great outdoors then you might find you love this next trend, as it’s all about bringing the outdoors in! This doesn’t mean you should create an interior jungle of plants and flower pots, but you can use nature as inspiration for colour pallets and textures. Introducing a select amount of plants into your bedroom has more than one benefit. Plants can compliment an interior both with their natural tones and textures, but another benefit for some has to be their air cleaning qualities!

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