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Childrens Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Every Age
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Childrens Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Every Age

posted in Wallpaper by DFAO on 16:39 Feb 3rd, 2015

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Deciding on a child’s bedroom design can be incredibly difficult, particularly when trying to create one which will continue to mirror their personal tastes even as they continue to grow. Ensuring that your child has a personal space is incredibly important to their development and that space needs to reflect their preferences and tastes in order to truly feel like a home.

However, you can’t be redecorating their room every month or so, as their tastes continue to change and adapt. By making the most of interior designers in Weybridge, you can work to creating a timeless environment within which your child can grow into the best possible person that they can.

Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Timeless Furniture

When designing your little one’s bedroom, it is incredibly easy to fall in love with picturesque nursery items. Whilst these can be unbearably cute, your child won’t think so when they’ve grown up a little.

Even if it means sacrificing some of the baby-stage cuteness, it will be much easier and much cheaper to pick out furniture which will still appeal to your child when they grow. Particularly for items like wardrobes or bureaus, you should decide on a piece of furniture that your child’s clothes will grow into.

Investing in a full-sized bed, too, can be a good decision, as they will grow into it and it offers additional sleeping arrangements if you have guests over.

Keep Design Elements, Including Wallpapers, Neutral

When designing your child’s room, it may seem a great idea to dive straight into vibrant, loud or gender-specific colours. The very best designs, however, are predominantly neutral colours. Floor coverings and wallpaper designs and tones which are not designed to make an immediate impression are the very best choice for a child’s bedroom.

As experienced interior designers in Weybridge, we recommend simple tones which will suit your child’s eventual taste. The best way to consider your child’s bedroom design is that it is something of a blank slate, an area which will continue to be functional and customisable for them as they continue to grow into their own person.

Where this neutrality is concerned, ensure that you aren’t spending huge amounts of money on items which your child might like to replace within a few years; incorporate colourful or aesthetic-focused designs to items which you won’t mind replacing when your child acquires his or her own tastes.

Involve Your Child

All the way through the design, remember that this is your child’s room. If they are too young to have really developed any personal tastes, then add in design features which you think they will like, but as soon as they have truly developed into a unique personality of their own be sure to involve them in the design stage.

Listen to what they would like in their room and, although they might often ask for things outside of your budget (or the realms of possibility) try and incorporate their desires into their own space.

Remind your children during this process that, though their rooms are their own space, they are also part of your house and you might have to work on your tough negotiating skills to make certain that they know what features are acceptable and which are non-negotiable.

Interior Designers In Weybridge – For Your Child’s Bedroom

Here at Designs For All Occasions, we have many years’ worth of experience in creating unbeatable interior designs for every taste and purpose, from personal, showroom and business interiors. If you’re looking for interior designers in Weybridge, then we’re the perfect choice for you.

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