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How To Achieve A Monochrome Interior Design Style
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How To Achieve A Monochrome Interior Design Style

posted in Wallpaper by DFAO on 08:30 Mar 13th, 2015

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Deciding on a monochrome inspired interior can give you more options then you may think!

No matter the size of the space or your budget, there are tricks to get a great monochrome look for you. Although it may be more for the minimalist, don’t think that monochrome is a dull option or something for the colour-phobic! Deciding on the right balance for what you want to achieve will help you to create a perfect interior space for you. Keep reading for some top tips by our interior designers in London on how to achieve a monochrome interior design style.

Get The Right Monochrome Look For You

There are no set rules about getting a perfect monochrome interior and at the end of the day you want a space that is going to work for you as an individual! To help reach a starting point, here is some expert advice from our interior designers in London on the variations of monochrome interiors that can inspire you.

  • Romantic – This involves a lot of delicate and detailed textiles in the space; as well as subtle hints of pastels on well placed decorative ornaments in the room!
  • Graphic – This features strong and cleans lines throughout the room, with geometric patterns against an abundance of black and white.
  • Industrial – This communicates a warehouse feel, with soft lines and variations of grey and charcoals added to the colour scheme. With the soft textures of furniture and furnishings, don’t think that an industrial theme has to be cold and unwelcoming.

Whichever theme you take as inspiration for your monochrome interior, you can be sure that balancing it with the strong black and white tones will give a great impact. Once you’ve considered the right style for you, here are some more useful pointers when designing a monochrome interior:

  • Balance – You don’t need to have equal measures of black to white. This especially applies if the space is small. A small amount of black can make a huge impact. Starting with white walls and introducing black, can help you to make sure you get the perfect balance!
  • Be bold – Having a monochrome interior allows you to experiment with almost any pattern, so be bold! This is a great way to keep updating your space whenever you want too.
  • Lighting – Having all black floor lamps and ceiling lighting is a perfect way to introduce impact into your space. Being able to move these lamps around is also great to change a space without committing to lots of paint.
  • Not Just Black and White – Remember that you aren’t limited to just black and white! Think about the various tones of grey and silver, or even adding some faint pastels can create just as an effective monochrome look.

Our Interior Designers In London Can Get You That Perfect Monochrome Look

If you are having trouble putting together your ideal space and need an interior designer to help you achieve you interior dreams, then talk to our expert interior designers in London and surrounding areas.

If you have any questions or want some more information, then get in touch with our professional team! Call us on 01276 691010 or email us at

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