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Set The Tone With Cultural Accents Taken From Around The World
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Set The Tone With Cultural Accents Taken From Around The World

posted in Wallpaper by DFAO on 11:38 Nov 26th, 2014

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Some may call it an eclectic decor, but we call it an inspired décor. Whether you like the idea of experimenting with different cultural ‘looks’ in each room of your property, or prefer to add hints of different cultural designs and aspects throughout it, we’re talking about what (and where) inspires us interior designers in Windsor.

What Places Around The World Inspires Our Decor?

Whether it’s the artist’s blank canvas, the writer’s empty page, or the interior designer’s whitewashed room, sometimes us creatives need a little inspiration. We’ve put together some décor styles taken from around the globe to give your property a touch of the exotic.

  • Africa – Africa is home to many of the world’s best loved and most fascinating wildlife, so those who go for an African style will often adorn their property with bold animal print rugs, wallpaper and other accessories. Earthy tones such as lush greens, horizon oranges and deep, rich browns with contrasting creams are fantastic colours to give a room an African flair.
  • Scandinavia – If you love spacious rooms, then the Scandinavian style should be one to consider. Midcentury minimalist design is a key feature in Scandinavian décor. The trick is to be at ease about blending modern and rustic patterns and furniture. Strong neutral tones set against futuristic bold colours on natural wooden or stainless steel framed furniture are common in Scandinavian styled properties.
  • Netherlands – Quirky, atmospheric and fun, the Dutch style is for the most part quite traditional, with folksy dark wood playing a major role. It also has sparks of ingenious colour and patterns that place it apart from the rest. Floral tapestries, high-backed chairs, china wall plates and bright sculptures are all hallmarks of this style.
  • Japan - Create an aroma of romance with balanced tones of dark and light with agrarian and polished woods. Mix with delicate flora designs set on symmetrical furniture and create a fresh and invigorating space. In contrast to the Dutch style, low chairs are favoured over high chairs - being a customary floor-seated culture.
  • France – Elegant and textured, the Parisian style offers effortlessly romantic accents, from tapestries and antique prints, to chandeliers and Baroque and Neoclassical designed furniture. Add in up-holstered furniture in soft pastels or firey colouring and you’re one step closer to achieving the look that you’re going for.

If you love travelling, then a décor inspired by different cultures could create your ideal home. Take a look at India, Italy, Mexico and South America styles for even more décor ideas. Whether you choose to decorate your property with many cultural influences or just one, adding a little foreign spice to your home is a fantastic way to show off your own unique style, and with interior designers in Windsor you won’t have to do a thing!

Give Your Décor Some Foreign Flavour With Some Help From Interior Designers In Windsor

If you would like some help creating the right look in your property, then Designs For All Occasions is the company for you. If you’re looking for more information on our services our friendly interior designers are just a phone call or e-mail away. Call 01276 691010 or e-mail us at

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