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Tiny Kitchen Storage Ideas From Expert Interior Designers In London
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Tiny Kitchen Storage Ideas From Expert Interior Designers In London

posted in Wallpaper by DFAO on 09:26 Apr 2nd, 2015

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Our interior designers in London are no strangers to small spaces, so who better to take advice from when it comes to practical and stylish ways to make the most of an area that’s bursting at the seams? It’s all about convenient storage in a compact kitchen. Take a look at our advice below and utilise every inch of your kitchen space!

Smart Storage Advice For Small Kitchens

Tiny kitchens can be a nightmare, especially after cooking a particularly ingredient-y meal. It can be difficult enough finding space for your dinnerware, so there’s no hope for that luxury coffee maker you’ve seen on the high street. Everything must have a place in a compact kitchen, so read below for brilliant space-saving storage ideas from some of the best interior designers in London!

  • Add Hooks – The brilliance of the hook is that you can hang just about anything on it and immediately feel more organised. Whether it’s a pair of kitchen scissors or pots and pans, adding hooks can free up some much needed space in and on top of your cabinets and add style to your kitchen if carefully arranged. There are a great many inventive and colourful hook collections available online, from quirky teapot hooks to bird hooks and more.
  • Think inside the box – Instead of stuffing your supermarket plastic bags into an entire kitchen drawer or cupboard, use an old tissue box instead. Not only will all of your guests think you’re a genius for inventing such a neat and environmentally-friendly idea (we won’t tell), it will also free up extra space.
  • Divide and Conquer – Whether it’s adding tension rods to your shelves to make your chopping board stand up all tall and proud, or using one inside a drawer to vertically store awkwardly shaped pot lids, by breaking down your kitchen into even smaller compartments, you can store kitchen goods and accessories in a much smarter way.
  • Instead of kitchen chairs (if you can fit them in), incorporate a bench with underneath storage into your tiny kitchen.
  • See that narrow space? – Whether it’s between your fridge and a cabinet or above the higher level kitchen cabinets, make the most of whatever little space you have. You’d be surprised how office stationary can be used to store other things besides pens! Take a look at all those odd bits and bobs in your kitchen that you couldn’t do without but have no proper place and see what stationary is available to suit. Install on the sides of cabinets or beneath shelves and put your messy kitchen in order!

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